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The My Accountant tab in QuickBooks Online From Barnegat Consulting, Inc.

If you have an accountant user connected to your QuickBooks Online company, you may have noticed a new menu option called My Accountant under Reports or Taxes if you are collecting Sales Tax. This is part of a new set of features Intuit has released that allow you to communicate and collaborate with your accountant user directly from within QuickBooks.

Your accountant users can’t view this tab in your books – they work from a different tab inside their own firm’s company. This means that if you have more than one accountant user, they won’t be able to view each other’s requests and documents, which helps keep your work safe and confidential.

Requests from your accountant user

When your accountant user needs something from you such as a document or a little extra information, they can send you a request. It’ll appear inside your My Accountant tab for you to see and to respond to. The initial notification of this will come to you as an email titled:

A request from Barnegat Consulting, Inc.

There will be a link in the email to Respond in QuickBooks. If you click that link, it’ll take you to your QBO login. If you simply log into QBO without using the link, then click on the My Accountant tab and you’ll be taken to the same page.

Here is an example of what that page looks like:

Your accountant user will set a due date and fill in the details of what she needs. You can’t directly edit these requests, but you can respond to them with comments and documents.

To respond to a request, click on it in and a new pane will open called the Respond to request pane. In the Respond to request pane, you can securely upload a document and add comments to the request for your accountant user to see. Then just click the Close button when you’re finished.

See next page for information on the Shared Documents tab.

Shared Documents

You and your accountant user can use the Shared documents tab to manage any files you’ve shared with each other. You can upload a document directly to this tab, and it also tracks any documents you have uploaded to a request or that your accountant has shared with you.

You can download a document using the Download link in the Action column. You can also delete documents if you need to clean them up or replace outdated versions. To do so, click the drop-down arrow next to the Download link and select Delete.

Here is a sample of the email you’ll receive from Barnegat Consulting when a request has been generated: